About Us

Today, the United States is on the precipice of a crucible. As more and more individual citizens, companies, and organizations call for sustainable, real change, a question that emerges is: what can people do in each facet of their lives to support and facilitate improvement? For the everyday professional, part of what they can do is actively and intentionally seek to become informed practitioners and advocates of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. DEI practices in the workplace seek to ensure that all individuals feel safe, valued, and listened to in the business sphere. For DEI to become a reality, it is imperative that all employees and leadership deliberately seek to integrate DEI into all aspects of the workplace. DEI must be part of the organization’s short and long term business plans as well as a palpable component of the workplace culture. To build an understanding of DEI practices, this certificate focuses on:

  • The basic definitions of diversity, equity and inclusion; including the evolution of the diversity field and theories of diversity.
  • Understanding what unconscious bias is, how it may influence our decisions, and learning how to identify and not act upon bias
  • Effectively building a DEI structure within your organization and learning how to take your existing DEI operations to the next level, using the latest best practices and effective tools.
  • The various roles and responsibilities involved in managing and leading effective ERGs
  • Reviewing and sharing the essential components to develop a DEI initiative plan.