“If you are interested in furthering your DEI education or participating in more events that will allow you to network with other individuals interested in D&I efforts, learn more about specific topics within the field of diversity and inclusion, or simply continuing your journey as a DEI professional, consider attending the following programs and events.

Inclusion Week

As connectivity grows and the world becomes smaller, it has become imperative that organizations support, invest in, and promote diversity and inclusion. Diversity involves that the various groups that populate our communities are represented and visible; inclusion ensures that each person feels heard, seen, and as though they have a voice that is valued and respected. Through Inclusion Week, we hope to showcase that inclusion is a value held by many organizations while providing events that employees and individuals may attend to educate themselves and demonstrate their support for inclusion efforts.

During Inclusion Week, various employers will spotlight the benefits of not only having a diverse workforce, but actively cultivating the diversity in their office environment. This week will be filled with events hosted by organizations that value diversity and inclusion in their workplace.

We invite you to participate in Inclusion Week and demonstrate the true commitment to diversity.

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