Rosalie Chamberlain

Coach, Consultant, Author, and Speaker

My passion for inclusiveness and helping individuals and organizations align their values and purpose with excellence is what fuels my work.

You must experience first in order to guide others later. I’ve worked internally at the corporate and legal level for 31 years before starting my global coaching and consulting business in 2010.

I’ve embraced many roles throughout my career – starting out as a legal administrator, doing paralegal work, motherhood, and then manager; to joining the executive staff of a large law firm as the first Diversity and Inclusion Manager. As my livelihood changed from a corporate go-getter to an entrepreneur, I started my business, which blossomed into my speaking career. I am inspired to empower others through coaching and consulting on a global level.

In 2008, I became a Cornell University ILR Certified Diversity Professional Advanced Practitioner (CCDP, AP). I was immersed in building teams through leadership development by 2010.

It was through my own experience that I realized anyone can reach their full potential by embracing curiosity, implementing awareness, and allowing room for transformation.

Coaching Approach

Helping professionals and organizations understand that fear is the only thing holding back their optimal success.

Through collaboration and confidentiality, I empower my clients to invite change and accept responsibility for their natural strengths and talents. My goal is to provide a space where clients can fully explore their intentions and desires.

An individual’s success and the success of an organization are dependent on one another. I firmly believe this is a true partnership that requires a collective effort from both sides.

My coaching and consulting services are best suited for helping attorneys, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs on an individual level, as well as navigating a workforce within an organization or law firm.

The end result? Intentional, accomplished professionals and dynamic, viable cultures.

Here are just a few of the many developmental traits and best practices that you will uncover to unlock your fullest potential:

  • Developing and strengthening leadership skills
  • Embracing influence and advocacy
  • Effective time management and control
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Addressing and transforming guilt
  • Understanding insecurities
  • Building confidence and showcasing strengths

By building leadership skills, my clients become more confident, effective, and influential in their careers. Throughout my coaching framework, we will identify the 18 creative tendencies of leadership and bring awareness to the 11 reactive tendencies that influence effectiveness.

You are in control of your overall effectiveness and performance. You can reach your highest potential. By identifying external and internal obstacles through self-awareness and conscious strategic planning, you will exceed excellence.