Catalina Consuegra

Founder & Director
Ducere Training LLC

Catalina’s journey as a Diversity & Inclusion Advocate started at a young age when she began working in the Oil & Gas. She’s worked internationally with both Oil & Ga. She’s worked internationally with both Oil & Gas Operators and Service Companies. She is multi-cultural, knowledgeable of D&I Best Practices and Resources, a big supporter of Women, Women of Color, Working Moms, Latino Community and an
ally to LGTBQ+. She worked in International Deepwater Drilling operations with an Oil & Gas Major, working in a fast-paced operations environment and interacting with people from different cultures developed her passion for people and inclusion in the corporate environment.

She decided to leave her role in operations to move to the Diversity and Inclusion group, where she supported the company’s D&I strategy, initiatives and programs. She also worked in defining and rolling out the Company’s D&I Mission and Vision and trained employees in Inclusion matters such as Inclusive Leadership, Unconscious Bias and Microagressions.

She decided to leave the corporate world to continue advocating for change and she now consults on Diversity and Inclusion matters.

Catalina resides in Houston with her husband and daughter.